Coaching and how it works with SAR Succeed - Achieve - Reward

You have already made your first step on your coaching journey by looking and reading through this website.

Your next step is to take action and make that first point of contact, either by phone or email, or by filling in the contact form in the contact us page.

We will then arrange to chat on the phone for about 20 minutes whereby we can ascertain what you want to achieve from coaching.

You may have already identified a certain part of your life that you are not happy with or you may just have a general nagging feeling that life is in limbo or you are not living your life to its full potential.

Below are some examples of situations in life that can be helped through coaching-

  • For those facing life changing decisions following an upheaval in life, be it redundancy, divorce or just wanting to make a change in path mid life
  • Women who are wanting to achieve a good work/life/family balance.  Looking for direction, maybe post having children, wanting to build up confidence to go back into the workplace after a break or maybe looking at different career options - moving forward - realising ambitions - not fearing change - raising to life's challenges.
  • For those wanting to readdress the balance and clarity in their lives, focussing on weak areas of your life and setting goals in order to strengthen them.
  • For those who feel that the 'clutter' in their lives is holding them back, through coaching, we can address the issues creating the clutter in your home and life, enabling you to then find clarity and move forward with living your life with focus and clear goals and success in sight.

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