Hello, my name is Sarah and I am founder of SAR Life Coaching.  Thank you for visiting my site, hopefully it will give you an insight into the coaching world and what it can do for you and your life, inspiring you to find the right balance, meaning and enjoyment in your life.

My aim is to keep my website clear, concise and informative and I hope that I have achieved this.

As a life coach, I assist people to find the tools to enable them to live their lives to their full potential and to be their 'best self'.  You have the tools and the answers already in you and as a coach I will ask the right questions to enable you to think differently or to see a situation from a different point of view. Unlike counselling or therapy, coaching does not tend to be post crisis and does not focus on the past but looks at ways to move forward.  

Coaching can benefit you if you feel overwhelmed by an ongoing situation or need motivation to ultimately succeed.

I use the GROW model of coaching. The GROW model focuses on goal setting, looking at the reality of the situation, then your options and then the way forward.